Article 9: Cannot access Cinamet with Pharmacare coverage

Date: February 5, 2018
Medications: Cortiment and Cinamet
City: Surrey

Your Story: My mum who is 73 has Parkinson's disease. She cannot access cinamet with pharmacare coverage.

My 76 year old dad with cancer stocks shelves in the mornings in order to get her a medical coverage plan to cover her prescription. He is going to be too ill soon, and she won't be able to afford her drugs.

My 18 year old son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He was given Pentasa which did not help him. He was prescribed cortiment which is helping. It is $500/6 weeks. This will not be sustainable for him as he grows up.

Currently, we will have to pay for it and it will be a struggle financially. What will happen when we are on pensions or not around? How will his disease be controlled?

This situation is outrageous.

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