Article 8: Been taking Losec since 1990, told 6 years ago Losec no longer convered.

Date: January 22, 2017
Medications: Losec
City: Sechelt

First took Losec about 1990 (age 34), gastro specialist at St. Paul's prescribed after "both" barium xrays and all -oscopies! Gall bladder removed/diverticulitis and esophagitis diagnosed/ "lifestyle/dietary" changes in place/GP upped dosage shortly after to 20 mg.twice a day...excellent control of upper GI symptoms.

About 6? years ago was told by pharmacist that Losec not covered anymore, and I must use generic drug. I did and dire symptoms returned immediately. Pharmacist willing to try "different" generics, found one better than first but not adequate. My GP applied 3 times to "Special Authority" (each with more history, etc. asked for) but we were refused as "no research showing generic less effective"!

Continued with pharmacist able to order in the preferred generic until Pharmacare said only cheapest allowed. Pharmacist checked what would cost me additionally to have "preferred" one and was $100.'s a month!

Have continued to take cheapest/ineffective generic, then was told by GP in December that Pharmacare will not cover any "omeprazole". I went to pharmacy and paid "out of pocket" for bottom line generic!

The subs they suggest/will pay for/I tried at length all those years ago! Unfortunately my husband died and I will lose his pension in June, will not have an income. I will have to work but this is making all much more difficult.

P.S. My sisters and father in Ontario keep offering to send me "their Losec" as it is covered by Province there!

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