Article 7: Our medication is working perfectly but they want us to change to something else and see if it works.

Date: January 22, 2017
Medications: Xarelto, Tamoxifen, Propafenone,Metoprolol, Rosuvastatin.
City: Qualicum Beach

I am speaking on behalf of my husband Richard as he has some memory difficulties having had breast cancer September 2014, and is still being treated with a chemotherapy medication, 20mg Tamoxifen once daily.

He was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation in November 2011 and after suffering a number of frightening emergency visits due to sudden attacks of clamminess, vomiting and loss of consciousness he was finally prescribed Xarelto in 2014. This medication has worked extremely well for him as he has never yet had another 'episode'.

We received the letter from Pacific Blue Cross informing us that of January 1, 2017 Xareto needed prior approval for coverage. We followed their instruction and asked doctor to complete the necessary approval form as we wished to continue to receive coverage. However we discovered that my husband would have to try Warfarin for 2 months and undergo regular INR blood test and then if Warfarin proved to be suitable his application would be rejected. Both my husband and I feel that as he is doing so well on Xarelto, he will continue and pay the full amount himself, rather than have the trauma of weekly visits to a usually busy laboratory.

Chemotherapy medications have already compromised his immunity system and thinking processes, and we cannot understand why more frequent contact with possibly infectious people can be beneficial. We also wonder what the financial savings to Pacific Blue Cross can be after deducting the total cost of performing each blood test, the pathologist and family doctor fees.

We can afford to pay full amount for Xarelto, but I am sure many people are not so fortunate and may be putting their health at risk by changing their medication.

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