Article 6: Already living below the poverty level, my pharmacy informed me my medicine would no longer qualify under allowed medication list.

Date: January 21, 2017
Medications: Dessicated Thyroid
City: Agassiz

As a 66 year old single female my monthly income is $1700 p/m... way below the poverty level, yet Fair Pharmacare puts me in the category of paying 30% of allowed medication until a $250 deductible is reached then it will pay 100% of allowed medication.

We all know that even an increase of $20 per month for any expense on a senior's budget can create hardship. But that's another rant for another time. In December of 2016 I was informed by my pharmacy (Not pharmacare or my physician) that my desiccated thyroid would no longer qualify under their allowed medication list due to the increased cost of producing this medication.

My monthly cost for this medication could be an extra $90 - $130 per month. I would like to know where am I to find this extra money so I can be healthy. I don't smoke, I don't drink or gamble nor do I drink coffee or tea.

There is no way I can cut back the budget in order to afford this. Over the past 20 years of experiencing Hypothyroidism I have tried both the pharmaceutical thyroid and the desiccated thyroid with the desiccated always producing better management and results.

This cost containment policy is jeopardizing my health in many ways. It does not respect the "Do no harm" oath taken by all health care personnel. It does not respect my physician's ability to prescribe the right kind of medication for my condition.

It does not provide me, the senior living way under the poverty line the health care needed in order to properly manage my condition. It severely taxes my already dire financial situation by putting even more stress on all the body's systems hence increasing the possibility of even more serious health concerns.

This of course will further burden health care adding all sorts of costs that could have been prevented. thank you for listening,

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