Article 4: Pharmacare switches drug it covers to one which doesn't work

Date: January 11, 2017
Medications: Esomeprazole DR 40mg
City: Vernon

I have been using the drug mentioned above for many years and it is successful in keeping my problem in check. Prior to this time I had used Pantoprazole and Tecta which eventually did control the problem. That is why the doctor switched me to the Esomeprazole which worked.

When I had my prescription renewed in December 2016, the doctor told me that Pharmacare would no longer cover the cost of the drug and would I like to switch to Pantoprazole which is covered. I said yes as I am retired and have no extra money.

I tried the drug from December 19 until January 6th. I was not able to eat properly and felt great pain in my chest. I had to call the doctor and get him to prescribe the Esomeprazole at the cost of $63.58 for a 90 day prescription.

I know that I will not be able to use one of the other medications which Pharmacare covers, but have no choice.

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