Article 3: In a position of worry about getting the very needed drugs on time.

Date: January 11, 2017
Medications: Enbrel, Rabeprazole
City: North Vancouver

I'm a 65 year old female with RH, I've had RH for the past 10 years.

I've been on the Pharmacare plan for several years and I'm also fortunate enough to have a medical plan. Until this year Pharmacare paid for the Enbrel and I was able to receive a 2 month supply which for me is 4 syringes. I inject once every 2 weeks.

I noticed in about March of 2016 that Pharmacare was not paying their portion of Enbrel at $1500 / box of 4 syringes. My plan was paying the full amount.

When I asked the Pharmacist they said Pharmacare had limited the amount they would pay and my Rheumatoligist had to change the Rx to fit the Pharmacare plan. My Rheumatologist was not aware of this and he was taking the information to his study group.

No one advised me of the change. I now order 2 syringes at a time and cannot order until the end of the 2nd week. otherwise I will be ordering too early. I have had the same problem with Rabeprazole.

This leaves me in a position of worry about getting the very needed drugs on time. I monitor my symptoms and sometimes I need the Enbrel sooner than 2 weeks, so this is now a problem for me.

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