Article 2: Is government trying to save money by playing with our health?

Date: January 18, 2017
Medications: Coversyl
City: Kamloops

I had been using the same BP medication (12 mg) for approximately 25 years. I went to pick up my meds in December 2015 and learned PBC would not cover the cost, as it is one of the medications on the Pharmacare list for non coverage.

I continued to pay for my own until approximately July 2016 (PBC covered equivalent of lower priced drug). I've had approximately 4 visits since trying 3 new meds with no comparison to Coversyl. The Doctor just upped my Ramipril from 10 to 20 and my BP is STILL not responding.

I am now going back again next week to try and see what else he can do. I am hoping to have the form completed that all the meds he tried don't work and can have my Coversyl paid for again????

Very frustrating that government is trying to save money by playing with our health.

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