Fixing BC PharmaCare: Putting Patients First

British Columbia is on the verge of the most significant drug policy reform in the past 15 years. In anticipation of the BC Government's announcement in late June on a Long Term Pharmacy Agreement and a new policy on generic medication pricing, the Better Pharmacare Coalition is calling on British Columbians to ensure that patients' interests are the key consideration in any reform. In doing so, the BC Government would keep its promise for patients to be a paramount priority made in the Pharmaceutical Task Force recommendations accepted by the BC Government in May 2008.

We are asking all patients in BC to get involved to make sure that the BC Government keeps the interests of patients, not those of drug manufacturers or pharmacists, as the guiding focus as they overhaul the BC pharmaceutical reimbursement policy.

Your involvement is critical to ensuring that the government and media and British Columbians are aware of patient and patient group perspectives. Get involved today.