Who is the Better Pharmacare Coalition?
The BPC is a joining together of provincial and national health organizations and consumer groups with a mandate to speak on behalf of its 2,000,000-plus members on issues related to the Government of British Columbia's PharmaCare (BC PharmaCare) program. The Coalition was formed in 1997 in response to BC PharmaCare policy development that was not reflective of the medical literature, best clinical practice and the needs of patients in BC.

What does the Better Pharmacare Coalition do?
The Coalition works on behalf of its members to ensure appropriate and timely BC PharmaCare program coverage for evidence-based medications.

How is the Better Pharmacare Coalition funded?
The Better Pharmacare Coalition receives unrestricted grants from public and private organizations, and individuals.

Why does the Better Pharmacare Coalition accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry?
We accept unrestricted grants from public and private organizations, and individuals. View our Guiding Principles.

How can you join the Better Pharmacare Coalition?
Any health organization, patient advocacy or group that is concerned about preserving and improving patient reimbursement access to medications is welcome to join the BPC. Please contact us via email to express your interest in joining and we would be happy to speak with you.

Does it cost anything to join?
No. Member organizations are generally not-for-profit or charities that depend on donations to conduct their work. The BPC is no different. While members are expected to contribute their time, energy, ideas and cover their own out-of-pocket costs where required, there is no membership fee.